We have a busy workshop here at T. White's; staffed with highly skilled mechanics we are able to take on any job.

We offer everything from a puncture repair to a full restoration.  No job is too large or small for us and no bike is too new or old for us. We will attempt any repair! 


Common repairs:
$ From

  • Wheel true $29 - $49
  • Puncture repair (incls inner tube) $20
  • Box bike for shipping (incls box) $79
  • Bottom bracket removal/install $29 - $59
  • Adjust brakes front & rear $29
  • Strip parts from frame $29 - $59
  • Wheel building $99
  • Change handlebar $29 - $59

Workshop image


If you're unsure which service is right for your bike, chat to the guys and they'll give you the best advice according to your bikes needs.   

For fixed gear or kids bikes. 

  • Adjust brakes (front & rear)
  • Wheels trued
  • Check over and inflate tyres to correct PSI

Good for newer or well-maintained bikes. Covers it all and keeps you riding well!

  • Adjust brakes (front & rear)
  • Check parts & cables for wear and rust
  • Check over and inflate tyres to correct PSI
  • Wheels trued
  • Ensure stem and wheels are safely secured
  • Wheel cone adjustments
  • Gears adjusted (front & rear)
  • Clean frame and wheels

FULL SERVICE    - $159
Good for older or heavily used bikes. A comprehensive service for bikes that needs a little more love

  • Adjust front & rear brakes
  • Check over & inflate tyres to correct PSI
  • Check parts and cables for wear and rust
  • Wheels removed and trued
  • Ensure stem & wheels are safely secured
  • Wheel cone adjustments
  • Gears adjusted (front & rear)
  • Clean frame & wheels
  • Adjust & tighten headset & bottom bracket
  • Check rims for cracks & dangerous wear
  • Inspect entire frame & fork
  • Lube brake & gear cables
  • Lube all moving components
  • Tighten cranks & pedals

Get it done same day – add $30 to any service


To make a booking please call your local store, otherwise you can drop your bike in anytime.  

Please note; workshop turnaround times change depending on our workload at the time which can change drastically on any given day. If you need your bike back same day - please book in advance and book the Express Service 
We use a first in first serve policy so if you need your bike back by a certain date please ensure you plan accordingly and give yourself plenty of time. 



Workshop Policies 

Bike collection:

  • You will be sent a txt when your bike is completed
  • We require you to pick up your bike up within 10 shop open days of completion.
  • A storage fee of $25 a week will apply therefore after
  • Any property that remains unclaimed for more than 60 days (other than by arrangement) will be recycled. At this time T.Whites has no liability to the Customer or any third party.

Please note this policy is in place due to the limited storage space within our stores.

Safety check:

  • We take bike safety very seriously and have a ridged safety check process before bikes leave the workshop. However, we strongly suggest you follow these basic safety checks yourself before EVERY ride weather it’s just been serviced or not:
    Visual frame check
    Brakes are working
    Tyres are pumped
    Gears are working
    Wheels are secure


  • Liability of any kind (with respect to services, including any negligence on its part) shall be limited to the contract price for the Service(s). Sole remedy for unsatisfactory work shall be a refund of the amount paid by the Customer or a further additional service of the same value.

Right of Repair: 

  • If you feel something is not right with the repair after leaving the workshop, please return it as soon as possible.
  • If you attempt to repair or take it to another store to repair our right of repair is void. 

Returns Policy

  • New bikes are all covered by standard supplier warranty 
  • Secondhand bikes and our workshop jobs are covered by a 1month mechanical warranty
  • We strongly encourage test rides as we do not return bikes for change of mind so please choose carefully.